The Morning Assist is a quick, thoughtful, and easy way to get the important sports stories of the day, delivered straight to your inbox every weekday. 

We’re rethinking how busy people get sports news. We recognize that not everyone has the time or inclination to watch hours of TV programming or read ten pages of analysis so we’re doing the work for you.

We’re constantly looking at the important scores, events, and business news to boil down the important information you need to know. In a 24/7 world, we’ll keep up with everything so you don’t have to. 

We’ll also dive into the human side of sports, including training & health, charity work, families, communities, politics, and other personal interest events and stories.

Sports is more than just a game. It’s a conversation starter, a platform to connect, and a way to form a community, both locally and internationally.

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Our Story

Jennifer Joseph started the company as a somewhat bored stay-at-home mom one day in October, 2017. Her son was at preschool and she was surfing around online when she should have been folding laundry. After noticing a news alert about the local NFL team, the San Francisco 49ers, trading with the Patriots for Tom Brady’s backup quarterback. The name didn’t ring a bell at all and she ended up down a rabbit hole trying to figure out why sports media seemed to think this trade was a big deal and this new guy was someone to watch.

While she had always considered herself a sports fan, it was in the casual manner of going to a baseball game to have a beer and hang out or watching the Super Bowl with a group of friends or family. Keeping up was a way to know what her husband was talking about. She realized, however, that most sports websites are still geared 100% towards men, despite the fact that around 45% of sports fans are women. Most coverage is dense and heavily statistics-driven, assumes that the reader already knows about the topic, or provides 12 pages of analysis. What woman juggling family, friends, work, and life has time to read that in addition to everything else she’s interested in? 

After reading through pages and pages of information, she finally had the background she was looking for...and a question. In an age when daily newsletters can be found on so many topics, why wasn’t there an easy-to-read daily newsletter highlighting the major sports stories happening? Not finding what she was looking for, she created her own, with a focus on well-edited, quality writing, interesting stories, and the important information to be part of the conversation.

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